Kelowna's local greenhouse

Our Story

We opened Art Knapp early March 1983 on Springfield rd.

Ran that location thru July 2017.

In the meantime we opened a second location nursery on Benvoulin Rd. as we couldn’t fit all operations at Springfield.

In August of 2017 we moved our whole operation to Benvoulin to continue to serve our customer base built over many years and make better use of the 9 acres.

We’ve always grown certain types of plants to sell yearly. Now, Art Knapps Nursery grows thousands of plants at that location and also has the pick of the crops from across the province to nurture and have ready for sale in season.

A lot of you know our staff like family, as many have been with us for years and years. They love the industry and certainly love meeting and greeting customers that come back year after year. Sometimes with their grown family that started shopping at Art Knapps as babies. We often hear from people that their parents used to bring them to the nursery when they were young.

We are very proud to serve Kelowna and grateful for the support we’ve had in building our businesses and raising our family here in this amazing city.

Thank you;

Jeff and Pati